Kitesurfing courses for children and teenagers

Private lessons for children. This course can be booked for children from 10 years of age with no previous knowledge or experience. Our instructors will evaluate your child's skills and guide you to your goal with the most suitable learning method.

The courses take place daily and last a maximum of 4 hours. Children's private course is one-on-one instruction with radio contact to the teacher. The student receives direct input and can give their own feedback at any time. The child is in contact with the teacher throughout the entire course and is accompanied by the teacher. The teacher helps with getting in and out of the water as well as with launching/landing and walking.


for 10-14 year olds from 125.- per person/hour

Private lessons fully supervised including equipment and radio helmet - course duration: 1-4h - daily as desired


for children over 14 years from 180.- per person / 3h

Group lessons including equipment and radio helmet - Duration: 3h - Course: daily 1 pm

  • Our children's courses are taught only by the most experienced teachers in the team.
  • With special training equipment for children and kites which fly stable with little pressure.
  • Shortened Quick release systems allow even children with short arms to learn the sport

Children need special supervision in kitesurfing lessons for the following reasons:

  • Reduced ability to absorb theory and safety
  • Due to lower body weight the kites are in the low end of their wind range. Special kites without back stall are very helpful and important. We have several kites which have been specially modified for use with children.
  • Due to the low body weight the risk of losing control on the kite is much higher and can have worse consequences.
  • Children need constant supervision and it is essential to react very quickly to changing conditions.

For these reasons, our children's lessons are in the form of a private course only, so that they are under the constant supervision of the instructor. Our children's camps, on the other hand, offer the possibility to learn the sport with other children in a group. For groups of 4 or more children we also arrange private Kids Camps according to your wishes.