Kite and Board Repair

Until June 2024 we will only repair damage to the canvas of tube kites and single skin kites. No RAM Air Kites or front tubes of tubekites can be repaired. Bladder repairs cannot be carried out in winter either.

We repair kites, foils and kite boards as well as SUP's and surfboards in our workshop and sail making station.

Stef has been in charge of our sewing repairs for years and during this time she has gained a lot of experience to be able to apply the best techniques for difficult repairs. Nothing is too difficult for her, be it a leading edge has burst or even the inner chambers of closed-cell soft kites that have torn, she can repair it in our kite sewing studio.

Simon has been repairing kites and boards for over 10 years. Whether sealing bladders, filling or composite material build-up in case of major damage to boards and foils, you can count on a clean and durable repair.

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Kitesurf instructor - Snowkite instructor - Head instructor - Photographer - Web Shop - Sail maker+sewing technician

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Snow kite instructor - Kite surfing instructor - Repairs - Website/Webshop

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Guideline prices for repairs

DamageRepair costs
Tear in cloth (away from the front tube or struts)
CHF 50.- per Meter
Tear in cloth which intersects with the front tube or strut
CHF 90.- per Meter
Tear in front tube or strut
from CHF 120.-
Torn soft kite internal cell

about. CHF 90.- per Cell

Bridle replacement (not original)
CHF 25.- per Element
Finding holes in bladders
CHF 60.- per hour
Repairing holes in bladders
CHF 5-60.- per hole
Bladder replacement
CHF 60.- plus Bladder

Twintip edge damage

CHF 40-80.- per filling
Surfboard damage
CHF 40-120.- per filling
Foil wing damage
CHF 80-200.- per wing
diverse Repairs
CHF 90.- per hour

Repair order form

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You can request a quote for any repair or place an order right away. For a cost estimate you have to submit a description of the damage with pictures.