Spot info Lake Silvaplana

On this page you will find information and rules which must be observed when kite surfing at the Lake of Silvaplana. Dangers, restrictions, responsibilities and the role of the mandatory member club are explained here. The spot plan shows you where the entry and exit to the lake as well as the prohibited areas are.

Silvaplana - this spot has been strongly associated with kite surfing and water sports for more than 20 years. The great interest in the sport attracts many kite surfers to the Engadin on the summer weekends.

To ensure order and safety for the growing number of kite surfers, a member club and a water sports concept was created and has been implemented in consultation with the municipality of Silvaplana. The concept includes spot rules, regulations and information.

You can download the current water sports info brochure 2019 here:

Conditions to kite surf independently on Lake Silvaplana:

  • You have a liability insurance, which specifically includes kite surfing, with coverage in Switzerland
  • You are a part of the member club or have purchased a one-day membership card.
  • You are a licensed kite surfer with VDWS level 4 or IKO level 3J
  • You are a good swimmer and can help yourself if you experience any problems in the water.
  • You are properly equipped for the cold water temperatures. You can also rent or buy the appropriate equipment through the shop.

Rescue boat

The rescue boat is always ready for emergency use during the summer. However, rescues in light winds are only made in exceptional cases after an observation period. Light wind kite surfers who push the limits have to be prepared to swim to the shore and must be appropriately equipped to do so.

Rules and regulations on the Lake Silvaplana:

  • All water sports enthusiasts must comply with the Spot plan
  • There is only one authorized entry point to the lake
  • Every kiter should pay attention to passers-by and spectators when crossing the path along the shore and point out the dangers to them if necessary.
  • The beach is to be kept clean. Fields with high grass should not be entered. It is strictly forbidden to ride with a buggy, mountain board, ATB etc.
  • It is mandatory to observe the Swiss right of way rules for kite surfers.
  • Aggression, swearing and narrow-mindedness have no business on the Kite beach. Instead, reason, patience, consideration and cooperation should characterize the atmosphere.
  • The beach is a private property which has been leased by Swiss Kitesurf GmbH.
  • Advertising for companies or products is only allowed with permission from Swiss Kitesurf GmbH. This includes team riders who ride for a brand or a third party shop.
  • Test and rental kites can only be rented from Swiss Kitesurf GmbH.
  • Any private or commercial schooling is strictly prohibited. Only Swiss Kitesurf GmbH has the right to teach on the field that it leases.
  • The schooling has any priority over all other users.
  • The spot is rented by Swiss Kitesurf GmbH and belongs to the company premises. We reserve the right to ban irresponsible and reckless kiters and competitors from the beach.
  • Launching and landing outside the Swiss Kitesurf beach is strictly forbidden along the entire lake side. In order to do so, you would need the permission of the landowner, the local farmer, the municipality and the consent of the Pro Lej da Segl

Spot plan for water sports on the Lake Silvaplana

The entry and exit, as well as the spot boundaries are marked in the lake (Bouys) or on the lakeside (Posts). Please take a look at the zones and their boundaries before you go into the water.

Member club

The member club is for independent kite surfers who do not rent equipment or attend lessons. It is mandatory to join the the member club before going kite surfing at Silvaplana. In order to join the club, every kite surfer needs a liability insurance which is valid in Switzerland, as well as the necessary riding skills (VDWS level 4 or IKO level 3J)

Club membership with your own equipment:

One day Membership

CHF 15.00
Weekly Membership
CHF 50.00
Monthly Membership
CHF 80.00
Season member
CHF 100.00

purchase season ticket now

You have to buy daily, weekly and monthly memberships on site

Club membership with equipment rental:

If you rent kite surf equipment with us, the daily membership fee is included in the rental price.

VIP-Memberclub with local season equipment rental flat rate:

Member incl. equipment rental

  • Season member including equipment rental, board and kite
  • This member can make use of our rental kite equipment throughout the summer. However, the equipment is stored with us.
  • The VIP member can request a specific kite and board when registering, and we will include it in our test range whenever possible.
  • The kite / board of his choice will be reserved for him whenever possible when he is here, unless it is already being used by another customer.
  • We guarantee that there are always enough kites available.
  • Personal equipment such as wetsuit, harness etc. is provided by the VIP member himself. It is not stored with us.
VIP MemberCHF 750.-
CHF 1000.-

Membership is personal and non-transferable, VIP member equipment is for one person only.

Live Webcam Lake Silvaplana

On the live webcam at the Mulets sports center you can follow the action at any time

Our webcam is located directly at the spot and overlooks the area towards the lake so you can see the general weather situation at a glance.

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Parking areas close to Swiss Kitesurf

Public paid parking spaces near the sports center:

  • Above the Mulets sports center


  • in the parking garage Munterots
  • at the Surlej bridge


Wind and weather

Here we aim to give you as many forecasts and reports as possible about the wind and weather in Silvaplana. In order to understand everything, just a few pointers are needed.

  • Please do not ask us about wind forecasts for the future, especially not more than 2 days in advance.
  • Most forecasts do not include thermal currents in their predictions, so predicted winds from south and southwest are often much stronger than in the forecasts.
  • Whenever the pressure distribution is flat and the weather is fine or when there is a south, southwest current, Silvaplana will be good for kite surfing.
  • There is frequently also good wind even if the weather forecasters say something else; we generally have wind on 5 out of 7 days. A trip to Silvaplana is always worthwhile.