Intermediate Kitesurfing Course

As soon as you have mastered theory and safety and have flown a depower kite on land, the intermediate course is the right thing for you. These courses take place every day and last 3 hours. In the group course you will be in small groups of maximum 4 students per instructor or 6 students with one instructor + assistant. You share a kite with another group member, your kite buddy. He will help you with launching and landing the kite as well as doing the various exercises. Afterwards you help him with his exercises.

Regardless of whether you are doing your first body drag or whether you can already ride on both sides, in the intermediate course you can continue exactly where you left off and don't lose time with repetitions.

This course can only be booked up to level 3, from level 3 onwards a private or semi-private course must be booked.

Intermediate courses take place every day - start at 1pm (depending on wind and weather this can change at short notice).

The minimum requirements for the intermediate course is a completed land training in a kite surfing course. The intermediate course is about hands-on learning in the water. The course program will be adapted to your level and will continue where you left off in the last course.

The course fee includes kite equipment incl. wetsuit, liability insurance and VDWS license upgrade. More information about the VDWS license can be found here.


CHF 180.- per person

incl. equipment Course duration: 1 day - 3 hours Execution: daily at 1 pm

Information about the courses:

Meeting place:
Please register 15min before the start of the course at the kitesurf shop in the sports center Mulets, Silvaplana - Directions

At the spot:
Sports center with changing rooms, showers, kite surf shop, restaurant and kite lounge.

Course fee:
To be paid at the beginning of the course in the Silvaplana shop in cash or by card.

Bring your own:
Warm clothing, good shoes, wind and rain protection, bathing suit, bath towel, sun protection, sunglasses

You need basic knowledge on land for the course. You should have already done setup, pack down, starting, landing and body drag.

Risk - Liability:
Before the start of the course you agree with the terms and conditions and sign a risk liability form. You can find the content of the declaration here.

Liability insurance is included in the course fee. Every participant must have his own accident insurance.

Course certificate:
After the courses every participant will receive a VDWS badge, which certifies his skills. More information about the VDWS system

Group courses only make sense for you up to VDWS level 3, after that you will learn faster and more effectively in half private and private courses (VDWS level 3 means 50m riding in both directions)