Semi-private kitesurfing course

In semi-private lessons we train you in pairs each with their own kite. Our ability to customize the lessons to your personal needs will improve your skills and help you reach your goal of becoming an independent and safe kiter. If requested and subject to availability, we also offer radio helmets so that we can communicate with you while you are on the water. Surcharge CHF 30.- per person.

The courses take place daily and last 3 hours. In the semi-private course you are 2 students with one instructor and if possible both of you have a kite. This means you have the full 3 hours for yourself as practice time and no kite buddy. The instructor will help you to in and out of the water as well as to launch and land the kite.

Whether you are doing your first body drag or whether you can already ride on both sides, in the semi-private course you can continue exactly where you left off and don't lose time with repetitions.

You can book this course for two even without any previous knowledge. If you have mastered theory and safety and have already flown a depower kite on land, you can also book the course as a single person and we will book a partner for you.

The course fee includes kite equipment incl. wetsuit, liability insurance, VDWS license upgrade. You can find more information about the VDWS licence here.


CHF 270.- per Person

Course duration: 1 day - 3 hours extra charge radio 30.- p.p. - Execution: daily 1pm

Information about the courses:

Meeting place:
Please register 15min before the start of the course at the kitesurf shop in the sports center Mulets, Silvaplana - Directions

At the spot:
Sports center with changing rooms, showers, kite surf shop, restaurant and kite lounge.

Course fee:
To be paid at the beginning of the course in the Silvaplana shop in cash or by card.

Bring your own:
Warm clothing, good shoes, wind and rain protection, bathing suit, bath towel, sun protection, sunglasses

You need basic knowledge on land for the course. You should have already done setup, pack down, starting, landing and body drag.

Risk - Liability:
Before the start of the course you agree with the terms and conditions and sign a risk liability form. You can find the content of the declaration here.

Liability insurance is included in the course fee. Every participant must have his own accident insurance.

Course certificate:
After the courses every participant will receive a VDWS badge, which certifies his skills. More information about the VDWS system

Instruction with radio helmets

Surcharge 30.- per Person (subject to availability)

In semi-private lessons you can be instructed with a radio helmet for an extra charge of CHF 30.- (per person, subject to availability). You are in constant contact with the teacher and receive direct input.

Course Schedule

  • Meeting at the venue - Fill in the risk + liability form
  • Coordination of level with instructor and student allocation
  • Kite setup, equipment preparation. Depending on your skills you will have your own kite throughout the course.
  • Practice in the water according to your level, the buddy runs along the shore and helps you get in and out of the water.
  • Your instructor constantly evaluates you and gives you feedback and tasks for the next round.

If you are able to improve, you will receive a VDWS level upgrade at the end of the course. If you don't have a VDWS certificate yet, you can get the theory book and take the theory exam for a fee of CHF 30.-