I was lucky enough to grow up in the beautiful Engadin and was able to practice the many sports that the mountains provide from an early age. At the age of 15 I started an apprenticeship at the municipality of Silvaplana and at the same time I started kiting. I was immediately hooked on this sport and could hardly sit still as soon as the wind blew. So I always had my equipment with me at work and went kiting as often as possible. For school reasons I had to leave the Engadin after three years and so my kiting was a bit more limited. At the age of 22 I completed the kite instructor training in Egypt and worked as a kite instructor in Egypt, Greece and Morocco. In 2019 I came back to the Engadin after my long journey. At the moment I'm doing a further training as an electrobiologist and work as a kite instructor in Silvaplana in the summer.

The scenery, the clean lake water in Silvaplana and the possibility to snowkite in winter are unique in the world.

Silvaplana is the first kite school in the world. The experience, materials and staff are at a very high level and it is fun to teach here.