When a friend convinced me to take a kite course in Australia about ten years ago, I had no idea that this would become one of my favorite hobbies. But after just a few kite lessons, I knew that I would stay loyal to the sport. Right after that I bought my first kite equipment and from then on I chose my vacation destination according to wind statistics. I got to know many beautiful spots worldwide from the Lake of Uri to Maui and all of them had their own charm.

In Silvaplana, I like the idyllic lake nestled between the mountain ranges and the fact that I can practically live out all my hobbies in one place: Kiting, biking, climbing, hiking and in winter snowkiting and ski touring. What more could you want? That's why I decided to turn my beloved vacation hobby into my profession this spring and I'm happy to support the instructor team of Swiss Kitesurf. I have not missed my previous office job for a second.

The versatility of kitesurfing really fascinates me. In the morning you can practice the wildest jumps on a twintip, in the afternoon you can ride waves on a directional board and on light wind evenings you can enjoy the last turns into the sunset with a foil.