Around 12 years ago I was lucky enough to discover the kite sport for myself. One of my best friends had the idea to start with kitesurfing. After we laughed at him in disbelief, we got down to business and without further ado, the four of us bought two boards and two kites. We did not attend a professional kite course at that time. This resulted in some dangerous situations. Furthermore it took me almost four months until I finally stood on the board for the first time - not to be recommended!

I was 18 years old when I was able to go upwind for the first time in Sardinia and I was fascinated by the thrill of kitesurfing. I will never forget this feeling again - 50% control, 100% joy.

During the first years I focused 100% on freestyle. Since then I have also learned, and become very fond of the Hydrofoil board and, since my holiday in Morocco, the surfboard. The kite of my choice is and remains the Slingshot RPM. However, I have to admit that since the summer of 2019 I have become very fond of the Slingshot Raptor.

I have known the Swiss Kitesurf team for many years and was allowed to work as a kite instructor for two summers. Although I have been living in Zurich for about three years, I am often to be found in Silvaplana during the summer months and am always happy to give tips and information about the sport and the Slingshot products.