In 2019 I learned kitesurfing at the Ijsselmeer in Holland and immediately fell in love with this unique sport. The feeling of riding for the first time is indescribable, and I always like to remember my scream of joy at that moment. As long as I lived in Germany, I mainly kited in the Netherlands. However, for the last year or so I have been living in Switzerland and enjoy the opportunity to be on the water on one of the many lakes. Of course, I never miss out on biking. With my favorite bike "Ragazzo" I make the trails unsafe and explore the mountains in every free minute that I have. But I am also enthusiastic about every other sport, like yoga, handball and sweaty workouts.

In Summer 2021, I worked as a Kite instructor in Sicily and Holland. It appears that being a teacher is not completely out of my mind. In January 2022, I completed my master's degree in German and history for high school teaching and was able to enjoy a classroom teaching position in Thun. However, before being a teacher really starts, I would like to explore the kite world again. That's why I'm now going to the beautiful Lake Silvaplana to teach you how to kite and to give you exactly the same feeling! For me kiting means to have 100% fun, to feel nature and to develop myself again and again. To me, Kiting means pure joy of life and passion! Try it out yourself!