Already as a little Yannick I was fascinated by kiting and also by life in the Engadin. Early on I supported Stefan in my school holidays where possible and thus I already handed out the equipment for the students and tidied up the equipment room before I became an active kiter at the age of 12. It wasn't always the job I wanted, but still - I was in the beautiful Engadin, in the community where I felt at home, with great people and a great atmosphere, even when there was no wind.

This then became a tradition and I was in Silvaplana for a few weeks every summer until I was 17 years old.

After that I did my apprenticeship as a computer scientist, which I finished in 2011. But then I never really worked in the profession - to be honest I had to leave the graduation ceremony earlier to catch the plane to Egypt, where I worked as a kite surf instructor for half a year. From that point on I was nowhere and still everywhere... On trips or as a kite instructor abroad. For 2 years I had to " go away quickly" and was able to discover the world - of course always following the wind from one kite destination to the next. In spring 2013 I moved to Silvaplana and took over the management, so that Stefan could face new challenges in the country. Now I couldn't imagine leaving the Engadin anymore. This location is almost unique in the world - and then there is a great kitespot... what more could you want?