I learned kite surfing here on the lake Silvaplana a few years ago, and since then I cannot imagine a life without it. Meanwhile, hardly a day passes that I don't at least look at the wind forecasts and webcams of the kite spots in Switzerland, so that I don't miss the next gust of wind.

If there is no wind, I can pursue my other passions, be it biking, running, art or climbing. Studying also takes up a lot of time.

When I'm kiting, there's only the elements and me. I don't know of any sport where you feel more connected to the wind and the water. Sometimes it takes some courage or determination and perseverance, but if the synergy works, it is the best feeling ever.

To be able to pass on this passion is certainly one of the reasons why I work as a instructor. It is also a great opportunity for me to learn a lot. And what's more, working like this, with great people and surrounded by the nature of the Engadin, is simply fun.