I had never heard of kite surfing until I was 20 years old. But when my friend showed me a video, I immediately knew that this would become my favourite sport. Together we booked the first course in Silvaplana. Since then I have become addicted to the feeling I get when I attach the Chickenloop to the harness and go out on the water.

It doesn't matter if I'm at home with friends or alone in new waters, if I'm improving my current skills or learning new tricks - every day is better when I can go kiting!

Originally I come from Stans (NW). However, over the last few years I have shifted the center of my life more to the Engadin. Now I have the perfect job to pursue my hobby adequately. I work in the restaurant "Mulets" as a waiter. Here I often get a break in the afternoon. This is at the same time as the Maloja wind. This allows me to kite almost daily.

If there is no wind, the Engadin offers many alternatives to pass the time.