I started my waterman career as a windsurfer and sailor on a lake in Belgium. Sailing was the light wind option, and windsurfing took over with stormy wind. Kitesurfing got my attention when I saw little kids jumping so high, which I never could achieve with my wind surfboard. So I took my first kite course the following week. Since then, it became my main sport. A few years later, I started to share my passion as a kite instructor.

After my engineering studies I moved to Switzerland near Zurich. Disappointed with the wind conditions on the lake of Zurich, I started looking for a windy lake.

When I came to Silvaplana for the first time, I was blown away with the beautiful scenery and I decided to stay longer. I presented myself as a kite instructor to Swiss Kitesurf and was happy to hear that they still needed a kite instructor. After having felt the good vibe in the team, I realized how lucky I am.