In 2002 I came in contact with kitesurfing for the first time. After I finished my inline skating career I was looking for a new sport. I was enthusiastic about land kiting because you could do it almost every day in the Rhine valley and my former skating sponsor had offroad inline skates. To combine that was the coolest thing for me, I was out and about almost every day with my kite and my offroad inline skates or mountain board. Because that was something completely new at that time and inspired me immediately. A little later I did my first snowkiting course. I also enjoyed kiting on the snow. I decided that I wanted to do kiting all year round, learned to kitesurf on the water and worked as a kite instructor in Egypt and Greece for several years. During the winter months I didn't let the snow get to me and came back to Switzerland for snowkiting. My favourite spots are the Berinina Pass and the frozen Silvaplanersee.

In 2015 I settled down in the Engadin. At Swiss Kitesurf I met many good friends like Yannick and Stef again, who had also worked as kite instructors in Egypt before. Today I work as a kite instructor in Silvaplana in the summer. It is great to inspire others for kitesurfing. I really enjoy teaching people the passion of kitesurfing and awakening in them the joy for this fascinating sport. My favourite material is the Duotone Evo 12sqm and the Duotone Jaime Kiteboard.