Water has always held a great fascination for me - whether fresh, salty, liquid or frozen - you can almost always find something that you can do with it.

As an all-rounder on the water - I am not a specialist in anything, more like a Jack of all trades. As a child I swam a lot and practiced heeling and capsizing with optimists and pirates while sailing. I feel like I'm a "waterman" - I love to be on the water with kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, standup paddling, foiling and sailing.

On snow I have been skiing & snowboarding for many years as a ski and snowboard instructor and the odd ski guest has also tried snowkiting with me. Lately I have started to use my wing on the snow when there is a lot of wind - that's also great fun ...

When I am a landlubber I like to go biking & skating and if I am at the right place at the right time (e.g. Rømo or Beauduc) I also let the kite pull me with the buggy or the ATB.

I started my development as a waterman at Swiss Kitesurf as an assistant, worked for six years as a kite instructor (IKO & VDWS), worked as a windsurf instructor in Silvaplana (J&S course), had a short interlude of two months in Australia as a kite instructor, a VDWS advanced training as a SUP instructor in Berlin and one season as a skip on a wakesurf boat in Ticino and finally came back to Swiss Kitesurf. All these years I always had contact with the team of Swiss Kitesurf and I am now looking forward to the summer 2021 with new challenges and my old familiar teammates & friends.

See you on the water ...