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Ice rink - Curling - Ice Hockey

On the ice rink at the Mulets sports center in Silvaplana you can play ice hockey in winter, rent skates for skating and play curling.

We offer individual events for large groups and companies. More information here


Rent hockey sticks

CHF 2.-

Ice hockey rink rental

CHF 120.- per hour

Ice skate sharpening

CHF 10.- per pair


free of charge on the natural ice field


Rent curling rink incl. stones

CHF 50.- per Rink

Curling introduction (1 hour) incl. rink

CHF 100.- per Rink


Skate rental for the ice rink

CHF 7.-

Skate rental for the lake

CHF 10.-

Ice-skate sharpening

CHF 10.- per pair


Free of charge

The kite surfing school is located right next to the ice field. There you can rent skates, hockey and curling equipment. You can also reserve the ice hockey field or the curling rink here or with the online form below. You can find more information about skate rental here

Ice skate sharpening:
For your own skates and hockey shoes we offer a skate sharpening service. For CHF 10.00 you can have your skates sharpened in our shop within 30 minutes.

Reservation form for curling and ice hockey rinks

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  • Reservation
I accept the general conditions and I am aware that my booking is binding

Please complete the form in order to reserve a curling or ice hockey rink

Please note: Reservations are only valid after a confirmation from us! For short-notice reservations please call 081 828 97 67

You can find more information about skate rental here